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Last Updated: 7/1/10

Add tadpole care, tadpole identification, cannibalism, feeding, etc.

Tadpole Information
Feeding Tadpoles
Tadpole Links

Tadpole Information

I have written about how to care for tadpoles both indoors and out on these pages on my site already:

Raising Green Frogs from Eggs to Adults - also pertains to many other frogs; includes information on feeding, tank set up, and water changes.

Setting up a Toad Nursery - includes tadpole care outdoors

I thought I would have a lot more to say on a separate page just about tadpoles but I do not have too much to add.

Feeding Tadpoles

Tadpoles will eat most anything. They are mostly herbivores, eating algae in natural ponds. They normally do not eat much live plant material but may nibble on dead or dying plants. In an overpopulated pond, they may go after live plants. Tadpoles will turn to eating some dead or even live animals if there is not enough food (normally when overcrowded). They are not above eating their own siblings in those conditions as well.

In a captive aquarium or pond, they can be fed natural foods (algae, plants, etc.), vegetables, or fish foods. Most leafy green vegetables can be tried raw or blanched. If not eaten though, they will foul the water. Vegetables to try include kale, lettuces, cucumber (split and deseeded), zucchini (split and deseeded), and others. As for fish foods, tadpoles will eat a variety of fish foods from sinking algae wafers sold for algae-eating fish to meat-based foods like shrimp pellets. A simple floating fish food flake is enough to keep most tadpoles happy. Tadpoles will also eat Cheerios.

Tadpole Links

How to Raise Tadpoles

Identifying Amphibian Larvae - how to tell various salamanders and frogs from one another as larvae (tadpoles for frogs)

Tadpoles of the United States and Canada: A Tutorial and Key

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