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Amphibian Comparison Table

Last Updated: 7/1/10

I am pretty familiar with green frogs, bullfrogs, spring peepers, gray tree frogs, and American toads. I decided to make a table comparing some of their attributes. I also have pickerel frogs including babies but have never heard them call or seen their eggs so I did not include them in the table at this time..

Frog and Toad Information Table

These are the species of frogs and toads that have laid eggs in my ponds. Most frogs and toads like shallow water that is still and full of plants and other stuff for their offspring to eat. Frog eggs are usually on the surface in clumps of jelly while toad eggs are deeper and look like long black necklaces wrapped around plants, etc. In every case below, the female is significantly larger than the male with the exception of the bullfrog where the male is the larger sex.
To help narrow down which species you have if you find eggs in a pond, also see the pond egg identification guide.

Frogs and Toads

Common Name Latin Name Adult Size Adult Color Time of Year Eggs Laid and Calls Made in USA Zone 6/7 Time of Day Males Call Sound of Males' Call Appearance of Eggs
American Toad Bufo americanus Males 2 inches, females 4 inches Brown with warts April to May Dusk and into the night, sometimes will call during the day Long trill, brrrrrrr 10 foot long chains of eggs wrapped around plants under water, like black pearl necklaces; deeper than frogs' eggs
Bullfrog Rana catesbeiana 8 inches Green Late April to September Dusk and into the night Blah, jug-a-rum, sheep bleat Big clumps under the water
Gray Treefrog Hyla versicolor 2.5 inches Gray but may be green; bumpy skin April to July Dusk and into the night; may call during the day if cloudy Very loud and deep trill 2 inch circular clumps floating
Green Frog Rana clamitans 3 inches Green or brown April to September Dawn to dusk, sometimes calls at night Banjo twang 3 to 5 inch oblong clumps right under the surface
Spring Peeper Hyla crucifer 1.5 inches Brown Late February to early April Dusk and into the night Cricket chirps 2 inch clumps floating
Wood Frog Rana sylvatica 2.5 inches Brown with black "mask" Late February to April Dusk and into the night; some day calling Duck quack 3 inch circular clumps in floating plants

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