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Photos of Fish with Parasites

Last Updated: 10/6/07

These fish have parasites.

Betta with Ick

Betta, 8/4/01.

This photo shows a betta with a mild case of ick. You can just make out one white spot on his forehead. Otherwise, it is hard to tell from the photo. Treatment was Aquari-Sol by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, aquarium salt (a tablespoon per 5 gallons), and a temperature of 80 degrees F. Within a week, the betta was fine.

Goldfish with Anchor Worm

Larry sent me these photos for identification of a young goldfish on 8/1/04. It has an anchor worm. The area around the worm has become infected. See my health page two for more on anchor worms.

Note: I have found the second cropped photo being used on other web sites without credit. The photo originated here.
Page that stole Larry's anchor worm photo that I cropped
Another page that stole it
Yep another page

Two Goldfish with Ick

Tracey sent these along with other photos on 5/15/06. The photos show a black moor and a calico fantail with ick.

Goldfish Parasite

Katherine sent this photo of a parasite that she removed from her goldfish on 7/5/07. Do you know what it is? If you do, contact me, and I will forward the information to Katherine. I showed the photo to a few koi experts who both thought it is probably some sort of copepod.

She said,
"I picked this off the lower lip of my goldfish. Do you have any idea what it is and how I rid the tank of them? It is about a 1/16th of an inch long. whitish with two brown barb-like things....It has a stomach and some type of whiskery mouthparts between the two barbs. Those barb things are hollow like a mosquito's sucking apparatus. Unfortunately, I am a botanist and not an entomologist, and I was hoping someone out there had seen this before. The fish are in a small pond. Please post it; maybe someone out there knows."

Parrot Fish with Hole-in-the-Head Disease

On 8/10/07, Deb sent me these photos of a sick parrot fish (parrot cichlid) for identification of the problem. It was hole-in-head disease which is caused by protozoan parasites but may also have a bacterial component.

Parrot cichlid - with hole-in-the-head disease, front view
Parrot cichlid - with hole-in-the-head disease, left side view

She sent this message later which I altered a little for spelling and grammar:
"Robyn, yes you may use the pictures to share with others, and, hopefully, it can help someone else save their fish. After more research online, I did find out it was hole-in-the-head disease but it was more than that. There is another disease that usually happens simultaneously with hole-in- the-head, and it is called hexamita. Hexamita is a protozoan disease, and it attacks the lower intestines, and it can be fatal. It can be treated with metronidazole which I found online from www.drsfostersmith.com. I've had an aquarium for 20 yrs. and never lost a fish to any kind of sickness so, unfortunately, I wasn't familiar with many diseases, and this was the first time I ever raised any cichlids; I fell in love with them the first time I saw them. With a 240 gal. aquarium, I thought I could give a pair of them a great home. I ordered the medicine on-line Sat. pm to treat my parrot, and it was to late; she died Sun. am. As sad as it was to lose her, I can say that I am now an encyclopedia on fish and disease. I'm hoping it is another 20 yrs before I lose another one of anything but old age.( My last loss was my 10 yr old pleco (Homer ) which was 22 inches; he was the reason I got a 240 gal. aquarium ). When the medicine gets here Tues. am, I'm still planning on using it to treat the aquarium to make sure my other parrot stays healthy."

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