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Photos of Fish with Physical Injuries, Infections, and Miscellaneous Problems

Last Updated: 11/25/08

These fish have various problems.

Severly Injured Goldfish

This was the first sick fish case that I put on the original sick fish photo page.

Left Photo: Hurt goldfish, right side, deep wound at top, 10/29/01.
Right Photo: Hurt goldfish, left side, minor wounds except gill cover which had larger wound, torn tail, 10/29/01.

I found this goldfish in my pond in late October 2001. He was torn up, probably from getting stuck among some rocks. I moved him from my 1800 gallon pond to a five gallon tank. Treatment included recommended doses of MarOxy (to kill fungus) and Maracyn (to kill bacteria) by Mardel, MelaFix by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, aquarium salt, and Stress-Coat by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals. The 8-inch male goldfish recovered pretty well and was released back into the pond on 12/1/01 when the water temperature was 58 degrees F . For more information, see my November 2001 pond newsletter.

Bubble-Eyed Goldfish with Infected Eye Sacks

Chang sent me these first photos on 4/29/07 of a bubble-eyed goldfish. The bubble eyes are very infected, enlarged, and engorged with fluid and blood. He said the eye sacks would grow, burst, and grow again. I suggested aquarium salt, antibiotics, vet consultation, etc. He took matters into his own hands and cut, yes cut, the eye sacks off. He did it without any anesthesia or care. After that, I have had no contact with him so I do not know if the fish died as a result of the infection or surgery. I would imagine it became infected.

Bubble-eyed goldfish with infected eyes, left side view
Bubble-eyed goldfish with infected eyes, front view
Bubble-eyed goldfish with infected eyes, top view, right before surgery
Bubble-eyed goldfish after surgery, eye sacks cut off; it is not a very easy-to-see photo either literally or as far as fish empathy goes.

Goldfish with White Patches

Meem sent these photos of an oranda goldfish with white patches on its cap on 2/17/07. The patches may be a bacterial or perhaps a fungal infection. The oranda was treated for both.

Oranda - left side of the head
Oranda - view from the front
Oranda -left side

Goldfish with Fin and Tail Rot

On 10/4/07, Laura sent me these four photos of her poor sick goldfish. The fish had severe fin and tail rot as well as septicemia (the red streaking). He got better temporarily but then worsened and died.

Goldfish - tail
Goldfish - right side
Goldfish - tail and right side
Goldfish - left side

Koi with Ulcer

On 10/5/07, Jose sent this photo of his 20" Hi Utsuri koi with an ulcer. The photo is not very clear nor is it representative of what most koi with ulcers look like. I thought I would put the photo in here anyway. The white circle is a physical injury while the black circle is a potential ulcer. It might also be a ruptured cyst or fish tuberculosis.

Koi with ulcer

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