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Plecostomus Links

Last Updated: 2/24/13

Plecostomus Links
Catfish Links

These links were last checked on 12/15/08.

Plecostomus Links

Pleco fact file - interesting information on plecostomus and the various species.

Sailfin pleco - pictures of a Pterygoplichthys multiradiatus.

Hypostomus plecostomus - some info on this common pleco.

Plecostomus in Ponds - information on the pros and cons of keeping plecos in ponds. This is an archived version of the now defunct site.

Plecostomus - short page of information and photo.

Pleco Fanatics - large pleco forum

Catfish Links

These links are about catfish but include plecostomus information.

Planet Catfish - UK catfish page which includes information on many catfish. There is a common plecostomus photo (Hypostomus and Liposarcus) and information at the site. There are pages on L. pardalis and Hypostomus punctatus but since they put the site in frames, you have to search for those pages.

Scotcat.com - a site dedicated to catfish.

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