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Goldfish Photos

Last Updated: 2/12/09

Photos of My Goldfish:

Photos of Other People's Goldfish:

Here are photos of other people's goldfish that were sent to me that I thought interesting enough to put up here. If you have interesting photos, you can send them too.

Photos are listed from newest to oldest.

Aquarium - this large aquarium had a lot of huge goldfish and a red-eared slider. It was way overcrowded so the water was murky. The little girl is my niece. For information about where we were on 10/16/08 and other photos (none of goldfish), see this page.

Laura sent these two photos of her goldfish on 9/9/07. She wanted me to identify if the fish had a problem with yellow bumps. You cannot really make them out in the photos (I think is on the top of the beginning of the caudal/tail fin) but I told her they were probably cysts. Since you cannot see the problem well, I did not put these photos on my fish health pages but instead finally linked them in here on 1/26/08 more to just show the goldfish. The goldfish has some scales missing (she says he had an accident a few years previously) and perhaps some minor septicemia and fin damage.
White goldfish with yellow fins - left side view
White goldfish with yellow fins - right side view

Pauline sent these photos of her goldfish on 10/12/06. The goldfish are a bit anorexic and may have medical problems but the black spotting is a color change in progress. I put these photos on my site to show what a goldfish changing color looks like.
Goldfish changing color
Goldfish changing color and two shubunkins

Golden telescope-eyed goldfish - this photo sent to me by Jennie on 7/22/03 is of a fish that was purchased as a black moor but changed color. I think this fish is a gorgeous color!

Underwater pond goldfish - here are some goldfish taken with an underwater camera by Sonny and sent to me on 1/28/02. Join the world of the fish!

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