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Goldfish Links

Last Updated: 10/6/09

These links were last checked on 2/6/09. Half of them were removed as they are no longer viable.

Goldfish Page- excellent site, including most information one might need on goldfish.

Goldfish Connection - sell fancy goldfish, some health information, etc.

Goldfish sexing site - this is an archived version as the site is now gone

Puregold goldfish site

Puregold goldfish disease site

Glimmering Goldfish - site on many aspects of goldfish and their care

Goldfish Links

Swim Bladder Disease

Koko's Goldfish World - nice goldfish photos, live cam, and information

Bristol Aquarists' Society - includes descriptions and photos of many goldfish

Goldfish Society of America


Goldfish Links

Le Poisson Rouge - a page on goldfish, in French. It includes a gallery of photos.

Wiki Goldfish Article - I was asked to edit this article written by someone else so I made some minor changes and a few major ones but tried to do as little as possible to make it valid enough.

Not Trash Pets - a site dedicated to spreading the word that small animals are not trash pets.

Goldfish Emergency

A Goldfish Forum

Goldfish Think Tank

Goldfish Keepers

AquaPuppies - a goldfish community

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