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Congo Tetras

Last Updated: 1/23/22

Quick Information
Setup and Water Preferences
My Congo Tetras
Links and Pictures

I am new to these fish, so most of the sections below are empty until/unless I have time to fill them in.

Quick Information

Common names: Congo Tetra
Scientific/Latin name: Phenacogrammus interruptus
Maximum length: 3.5 inches
Colors: Gray, yellow, blue
Temperature preference: 75 to 82 degrees F
pH preference: 6 to 7
Hardness preference: Soft
Salinity preference: Low to medium
Compatibility: Good
Life span: 5 years
Ease of keeping: Moderate
Ease of breeding: Moderate


I hope to one day have time to fill in my web pages but time is non-existant at this time. I do want to note that my congo tetra boys are the more voracious fish that I have ever had! They are fast and aggressive when it comes to feeding.

Setup and Water Preferences



As of 3/16/21, I have six male congo tetras, no girls. So, I will not have spawning. Congo tetras are egg scatterers.

My Congo Tetras

On 1/27/21, I bought seven congo tetras for my newly renovated 65 gallon aquarium. It did not go well. See that link for details. I will only put congo-specific information here so I am not just repeating the information.

On 2/7/21, the only congo tetra that I was sure was female died. She had seemed odd from the start with extra large eyes. I cut her open and found no signs of worms or eggs. In fact, there was almost nothing in there.

So, all the congo tetras are large with long flowing fins and lots of colors so I believe they are all boys! There are pluses and minuses to that. I do not have to worry about spawning and dealing with girls getting beat up or babies getting eaten.

These fish are the most ravenous fish I have ever had! They have little teeth and are related to pirrahas and attack their food in the same manner! And, they are super fast! In the display tanks at the fish stores, they are also slow and graceful but mine are crazy fast and a bit scary when eating but so gorgeous.

The first of the male congo tetras died on 1/16/22 after having some popeye and fin damage for a few weeks. Congo tetras have short lifespans. It is too bad the boys never got to spawn. The five remaining boys are showing their age. They are also more skittish. If I look at the tank after dark, they slam themselves into the lid!

Links and Pictures

Photos of my Congo Tetras:

Photos are listed from newest to oldest.

I have not processed any photos as of yet.

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