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Robyn's Pond Features Page

Last Updated: 8/8/21

Articles Where Robyn's Pond or Site Has Appeared
Articles About Robyn, Her Book, Her Web Site, and/or Her Ponds
Articles Robyn Wrote
Internet Reviews of Fishpondinfo.com

Articles Where Robyn's Pond or Site Has Appeared

The following are not major articles but just mentions.

Robyn's Pond was featured on Page 119 (with information mistakenly on Page 118; and I have fathead minnows, not fathean minnows) of the 2000-2001 Ponds USA and Watergardens Annual by Fancy Publications.

It was also in the Koi World and Watergardens 2000-2001 Annual with the photos on Page 104 and the information mistakenly on Page 100.

Robyn was also quoted (from my web site) on Pages 84 and 88 of the Koi World and Watergardens 2001-2002 Annual.

Robyn's Pond Page URL is mentioned on Page 25 of the July/August 2001 issue of Organic Gardening. [Update 8/8/21: That site is gone and blocked from internet archives.]

It is also mentioned on Page 5 of Volume 4, Number 3, 2002, Wild Neighbors News of the Humane Society of the United States Urban Wildlife Sanctuary Program.

Robyn was quoted in the March 2003 issue of the magazine Aquarium Fish in the article entitled "Best & Worst Pond Plants" by Larry Maupin on Pages 18 to 26. My (old) web site was mentioned on Page 24 but the editors mistakenly added a "www" to the URL so that untold numbers of readers never found the old page (which had no www in it)!

Robyn was mentioned and quoted in the April/May 2005 issue of Water Gardening in the article "Rosy Reds and Her Relatives" by Margo Retson du Bernard, Pages 70 to 73. I had talked with her more than a year earlier. They actually included my correct URL for my rosy red page.

Robyn's site was mentioned in a local newspaper short article (Garden Q&A in the Lifestyle section) in the Baltimore Sun on 10/29/05. Here is a link to an on-line version: "Toads like loose, moist soil in winter". If the link will not go through then try doing a search for that title, and then that link should work (sometimes the link is blocked for members only and sometimes not.)

Three short paragraphs with quotes from Robyn appear in Ponds USA and Water Gardens 2006 Annual in the article "DIY Trying" by Audrey Pavia on Page 91 (article from Pages 91 to 93). There is no mention of her web site, etc.

A few quotes from Robyn (along with her name and book name but no web site) appear in the article "Hibernation Hesitation" which is about overwintering water lilies in the Ponds Magazine, Winter 2006 edition by Gerry Bucsis and Barbara Somerville, Pages 38 to 49.

Articles About Robyn, Her Book, Her Web Site and/or Her Ponds

An on-line review of Robyn's web pages (fishpondinfo.com):

The following are major articles in that they are just about Robyn.

An article about Robyn, her ponds, and her pond book is in the Spring 2003 (Volume 3, Issue 1) Ponds Magazine on Pages 96 and 97. It is a very good article. There is an incomplete list of the animals in my ponds, and it is incorrectly implied that I do a total cleaning on my 1800 gallon pond similar to that done on my 153 gallon pond, but otherwise, there are no real errors.

I have also been in seven local newspapers including two cover stories in color, and the Windstar Wildlife Institute newsletter in 2002 (see the article I wrote on my articles page.

The newspaper articles included the following:

The last article in the View can be seen here . The original had a nice cover color photo. There are a number of errors in the article. I spend about 35 hours a week on ALL my animals, aquariums, and ponds, not 30 hours on ponds alone! My pond is slippery on the bottom from the micro-film of life, not from algae! There is almost no algae on the bottom. My turkeys and hamsters are long deceased. My animals are not in "flux." When they come here, they stay here until they die. I rarely get more. I do not think I collect ponds like match sticks (ok, maybe I do). I only have one lizard. I had 8 ponds at the time of the article, not 7. There are more errors but I will stop.

Radio Interview:

The difference between koi and goldfish - a radio interview and article involving me from the Living the Country Life Radio Program. I did not put the link in after the interview so I do not know the year. My best guess is 2009.

Articles Robyn Wrote

See my pond articles page for a few short articles I wrote for the Windstar newsletter.

An article I wrote on tub ponds appeared in the January/February 2004 addition of Organic Gardening on Pages 38-41. Two additional articles I wrote for them as well can be found on their site here and here. The first covers overwintering pond plants, overwintering aquatic frogs indoors, and dealing with visiting wildlife while the second is a list of plants. As they own the copyright on these articles, I cannot display them on my web site. To read the main article, it is only available in the magazine itself. [Update 8/8/21: The Organic Gardening site is gone and blocked from internet archives. Since they no longer exist, I guess that means I would be allowed to post the articles on my web site if I can find them on my computer or in the magazines?]

I wrote a short piece on water quality for beginners that appears in the May 2004 magazine, Aquarium Fish on Page 42 of an article by Larry Maupin entitled "A Beautiful Pond Year-Round" on Pages 41-47. Larry and I have e-mailed a number of times. He is a great writer and has some nice things to say about me too. What I wrote is in a side bar "Watching Water Quality" and includes an intro section by Larry. They cropped what I wrote some but didn't do much editing to it (unlike the Organic Gardening article).

Internet Reviews of Fishpondinfo.com

I wanted to find a place to list a few links to web sites that reviewed my site.

Fishpondinfo Web Site Review

There were others but I cannot find them right now.

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