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Comments on Robyn's Chicken Pages

Last Updated: 7/6/07

Positive Comments About My Chicken Pages

"...First of all thank you for this great (chicken) site, I have enjoyed it greatly...." - Diane, 8/29/02.

"Hi, I just found your chicken site with a google search. Loved it. It's so nice to find someone who seems to love their chickens as much as I love mine...." - Brenda, 3/6/03.

"Thanks so much for sharing your chicken stories!...Keep up the great page. I think it really helps people see chickens as wonderful companions!" - Monica, 3/22/03.

"...What a fine webpage you have for chickens. Great diary style, and very informative...." - Robin, 3/24/03.

"...You have great info on your web site...." - Dana, 4/27/03.

"Loved your site....Thanks for all your informative links." - Shelly & Peter, 6/25/03.

"...I have been reading your great website...." - Ali, 9/30/03.

"...Your site just keeps getting better and better....Thank you for your great site...." - Diane, 10/16/03.

"...I really enjoyed your site...." - Allyson, 5/20/04.

"Hi just wanted to say I stumbled across your website and it is very informative. It answered almost every question I have about hatching eggs etc....Just wanted to say thanks for the nice website. I bookmarked it and will return often :-)..." - Barbara, 7/15/04.

"...I liked your webpage a lot...." - Unknown, 9/16/04.

"...I know you must be slammed with stuff to do....Thanks again for all your help, You've Been Great!!!" - Susan, 10/12/04.

"...I love your web site...a ton of information for me - since this is the first time I've ever tried to hatch baby chicks - using an incubator...." - Karen, 10/16/04.

"...We really enjoyed your website! I would like to start raising chickens for eggs...." - Gracie, 12/22/04.

"...I wanted to tell you that I think it is great how much you love your chickens. I feel the same way...." - Marlene, 2/21/05.

"...I just spent way too much time reading about your beloved chickens. Thank you so much for recording all of this...." - Maureen, 2/26/05.

"...First I would like to thank you for posting information about hatching eggs naturally. I found it hard to find information about letting the hen hatch her own eggs...." - Steve, 4/2/05.

"...I was surprised to find so much interesting information about chickens on a website with a 'fishy' name...." - Birgit, 4/18/05.

"...Your web page has been very helpful!!!..." - Guyer, 6/15/05.

"...I enjoyed your chicken article....Thank you for your site. I enjoyed reading it...." - Donna, 6/20/05.

"...Last week I had a sick chicken with an impacted crop and did some searching on the net and came up with your page. My very young point of lay chicken had a swollen crop very spongy but nevertheless full crop and was unable to eat properly so I followed your instructions on the flax oil treatment and today she is as healthy as the rest of them with a normal crop and eating very well and looking very perky and bright eyed. I want to thank you for your very helpful guide, which (I) might add is the easiest and kindest to the chicken itself...." - Unknown, 8/27/05.

"Hey there Robyn, just been browsing your site, must say I enjoyed reading your diary of events :) ..." - Emma, 10/21/05.

"...I just visited your web site for the first time, while looking for a source for ground oyster shells and organic chicken feed. Your site is awesome!...Thanks again for the beautiful site." - Jennie, 12/5/05.

"...I'm trying to incubate some more eggs right now....I have read the information on your page and it has helped A LOT!! I really hope they hatch, and I wanted to say thank you for putting all the info about chickens and adorable chicken pictures on your site!..." - Amanda, 9/25/06.

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