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King Tut's Page

Last Updated: 1/16/22

King Tut on 7/14/14.

Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos

The photos are from oldest to newest.

Tutty on 6/14/14:

After he recovered from his operation, Tutty spent a lot more time near me. Here are a series of photos from 7/14/14 showing him rolling around on the porch. Another cat that I named Halloween since that is when he showed up in 2013 is in some of the photos. Weenie, as I call him, probably belongs to the neighbor because he is sweet, loves being petted, loves taking treats, and is neutered. Before Tutty was neutered, he would violently chase Weenie. In the photos, you can see that they get along now.
Tutty - starting to roll
Tutty - rolling
Tutty - more rolling
Tutty - "who, me?"
Tutty - how can I not love him?
Weenie and Tutty - Weenie is getting scared.
Weenie and Tutty - Tutty is no longer interested in chasing Weenie.
Weenie and Tutty - "Hum, the porch looks like it needs a massage."
Weenie - his front side.

Tutty so regal on 7/20/14.


King Tut was inside from 7/27/14 until 9/1/14 so this section has indoor photos:

Tutty on the cat tree on 8/15/14.

From 8/18/14:
Tutty under a chair.
Tutty on a bed.

From 8/20/14:
Tutty on a chair while Emmy plays.
Tutty on the cat tree while Barney is on the ground; they both have "evil" green eyes.

Tutty sitting on the floor on 8/23/14.


King Tut in his heated outdoor tent/bed on 11/8/14 (photo taken through the window).

Tutty on 12/30/14. Somebody wants inside! [Don't worry, when it later got cold, he spent the night and a many days in the basement.]

Tinkie and Tutty on 2/2/15. He wants in. She only gets along with him when there is glass between them! King Tut spent half the winter in the basement, and Tinkie kept fighting with him under the door. Tutty cannot be free in the house because he attacks Barney.

Photos from 4/4/15:
King Tut
King Tut

King Tut on 4/20/15. Look what grew in my plant pot! Catnip?

From 4/22/15:
King Tut in my photo of the gardens.
King Tut

From 4/26/15:
King Tut in my pond garden.
King Tut in my pond garden.
King Tut rolling next to a tulip.

King Tut on 5/9/15.

King Tut sleeping on the pool cover, 9/10/15.

King Tut at his food bowl, 10/22/15.

King Tut up in his favorite sassafras tree on 3/5/16:
King Tut
King Tut
King Tut - distant shot for perspective

King Tut and daffodils on 3/26/16.

King Tut in his heated house on 3/27/16.


Around June or July of 2013, we noticed a young seal point Siamese cat coming around. Now, lots of neighbors' cats and stray cats come around but never a purebed. He seemed to be about 6 months old. For months, he would zip off in a flash if he saw anyone. I saw him walk by outside when he could not see me, and I could tell that he was an intact male. My mother had a rule that I was not allowed to "take in" any more strays, meaning have them vetted or brought inside but she said I could make an exception for this cat who I named King Tut because he was so regal and would pose like a Sphinx. Alas, my mother never lived to see the day that I was even able to touch Tutty as she died in November 2013, and the first physical contact did not occur until the spring of 2014. It was hard to gain his trust so I never pushed, never approached him. He would come for breakfast, and I would talk nicely to him, squat, and hold out my hand. He eventually sniffed it, then I could fast pet him. He would then hit me with his very sharp claws. It was not until June of 2014 that I was able to pick him up, just a tiny bit. I made a vet appointment on 6/30/14 to leave him there for the works. I left the carrier on the porch for a few days so he would learn to ignore it.

I caught Tutty on 6/30/14. Once in the carrier, he turned in to a whirling ball of nails. At the vet, they decided to sedate him and do everything. They could not find a microchip. They agreed that he was in the range of one to two years old. They agreed he was purebred (as far as they could tell). The vet had him neutered (receipt said this included post-op pain shot, pre-op labwork which I never saw, and subcutaneous fluids). The vet said one testicle had not dropped so it required two incisions. He was 12 pounds. His exam showed no problems or parasites aside from the deer ticks that I had seen on his eyelids. His blood tested negative to feline leukemia and FIV. They could not get a stool sample (he was empty). They gave him oral dewormer; I am not sure how they did that when he was knocked out. They put Easy Spot (fipronil) on his back for the ticks. They gave him rabies and distemper shots. They trimmed his nails. They took the deer ticks off his eyelids. They microchipped him.

I took Tutty home on 6/30/14 and released him in a bathroom with a covered bed, covered litter pan, and that was about it. I put in water a few hours later and then food. By morning, he had peed in the litter pan but not touched food or water. When I got home, he still had not eaten or drunk any water. He was hiding in the bed and would not blink. I called the vet, and the receptionist suggested tuna in his bed which I did. When I went back to check, he was behind the toilet and had not touched the tuna. The vet herself called me to say that I had to release him because he thought I was going to kill him, and he would never eat. I found him in the litter pan where he had peed again. I put cardboard over the entrance and rushed it outside and let him go. He ran off very fast. I do not know what the future holds now that I have broken his trust. He will probably never get to live in the house.

On 7/20/14, Tutty scratched me pretty bad on the hand when he was doing one of his, "Pet me, I like that, now, I'll hit you" games. I decided to try to trim his nails. I got a few on his right front foot and on his left front foot the next day. One good think about him is that he has never tried to bite (note when reading this on 7/26/21 that he does bite!). He just loves to hit me with his dagger nails which had grown back since the vet.

I had been picking Tutty up every morning and was even able to give him a few kisses. On 7/27/14, he hesitated a bit but I picked him up. I immediately saw a big gash in his back foot that was bleeding. It looked like somebody had chomped down on his foot, maybe the groundhog, Chewbacca, who had dug a hole near where I put out the cat food. Without hesitating, I fast walked him right inside to the bathroom. Blood drizzled on the floor. When I had held him near the kitchen door previously, he had put up a fight but I got him in and upstairs before either one of us knew what happened. I knew that taking him to the emergency vet since it was Sunday would not only cost both of us six hours of the day and about ten times the normal cost for a vet visit but the stress for such a sensitive cat would be too much. So, since I knew the injury was not such that he would die from it within a few days, I decided to wait until the next day to take him to the vet. I figure he will require sedation. As of 5 pm, Tutty has not moved from inside his hideaway bed in the bathroom. He has not eaten, drank water, or used the litter pan. But, I am not giving in this time. Tomorrow, after work unfortunately (as they frown on my coming in late or leaving early, they do not care about my animals, and there is a bunch of rush work due by noon), we will head to the vet for accessment. I will see if they can give him an antibiotic shot instead of pills or liquid. One thing different this time in his confinement. I have the Feliway. The only difference I notice is that Tutty blinks! He does not have the fixed stare that he had last time. This cat cowering in the bed is so not the fast, rolling around cat that I see outside. I sure hope he comes around.

So, the vet did not want to take Tutty on Monday night because she said they would have to fully sedate him in order to do what was needed. So, Tutty spent 7/29/14, Tuesday, all day at the vet. They put him out with inhaled anesthesia. She cleaned his back foot which had what seems to be a bite wound. They gave him a shot of convenia which is an antibiotic shot that works for 14 days since I cannot give him oral medication. They also trimmed his nails and got a poop sample (came out when he was sedated).

When I brought him home, I expected him to revert, take a few steps back. Instead, when I went to roll his hideaway bed to the correct position (they had turned it over), he came out and wanted me to pet him. Go figure. He then ate a lot of food. By the next day, he comes out basically every time I go in there and rubs all over me, purring, and wanting attention. But, have no doubt that he is part feral. For no reason, he will then try to swat or bite me and start making a deep gutteral growl. That was followed usually by slinking back to the hideaway. On 7/30/14, I carried him to the den for his first quick (10 min) site swap. He explored a little. He was not at all interested in the laser pointer toy that I brought with me. He just wanted to rub all over me, over and over and over. Yes, he would still do a swat here and there but this cat has a lot of pent up need for affection and attention. My other cats hissed when they saw him but I hope with enough walk bys and such, they will feel less threatened. I think they are a bit mad at me right now. I tried to play with them first but they are too lazy!

The vet called on 7/31/14 to say that the fecal was negative for parasites. I began site swapping with Tutty. In each room he went in, he would find a place to hide but would come out about an hour later so I could move him back to the bathroom. The plan is to release him on 8/8/14 so I will report how that goes. He is biting and swatting much less now. I can now hold him for more than a few seconds in a full hold over my shoulder.

So, when I went to bed on 8/8/14, I got Tinkie, Barney, and Emmy in the basement and let Tutty out of the bathroom. When I woke up at 11:30 pm to pee, I saw Tutty run in to my brother's former bedroom. After I came back, I saw him run in to my bedroom. I left the door open, and he never woke me up. I next woke and went to the bathroom at 4:45 am, and I walked down the hall in the dark as usual and crashed in to Tutty who was there. I do not know if that made him mad, or he was just hungry but he bit me repeatedly while I was on the toilet. It did not break skin but was enough to make me go "ow!." I closed him in the bathroom. He again was aggressive when I came back at 6:45 am. I had to comb and put up my hair before feeding him, and he was not patient. Once I got the food down, he was fine. Around 10:50 am, I opened the bathroom door. He stayed in his bed until almost 2 pm! Then, he got up, and Tinkie hissed and stalked him to the basement where he remained until 8 pm when I went down there, and he came to me (he would not come earlier). I put him back in the bathroom to be sure he used the litter pan and ate. I plan to let him out again when I go to bed. He did not run in to Barney or Emmy today, just Tinkie who was slightly aggressive as she is the dominant cat even though she is half Tutty's size! She got bored with him after about an hour because he just hid in the basement and did nothing after running around it for about 10 minutes.

Update 8/11/14: Tutty is barely eating, drinking, peeing, or pooping. Yet, he does not seem stressed. He will hang out around Tinkie, Emmy, and Barney, the first two of whom continue to hiss at him and stalk him a bit. Barney is too lazy to bother. Tutty could hide more but he does not. I hope he gets his appetite back. He used to be all over me but now he has other things to do I guess. That is for the best anyway. I hope he will become more affectionate in the future. I can pick him up without a problem if I am over him but not if he is in a hole or under something. Then, he hits me.

So, by 8/23/14, King Tut is pretty comfortable in the house. He likes to run really fast from room to room. He loves to roll around and play. He does NOT like my other three cats to invade his personal space (about a foot from him). Tinkie still likes to chase him. She lost one of her front nails presumably in one such fight. When I pet Barney on 8/23/14, I found a huge abscess that grew quickly. It was presumably from Tutty bitting him as Barney wants to be everybody's friend and was getting too close to Tutty. Barney had super expensive emergency surgery but should be okay. I sure hope the fighting is over! As I type this, Tutty is laying on the floor on his side, and Tinkie is eyeing him from the bed. She seems anxious but not aggressive or scared. Tutty is very laid back as long as you do not get too close. I can only pick him up if he is right under me rubbing my legs. If I try otherwise, he runs or swats but has actually started swatting with his nails in. Yeah! He is also eating fine now and has never missed the litter pan. He almost never hides. You would never guess this was the same cat from a month ago who was petrified and violent.

Well, on 8/25/14, I watched Tutty bite Barney's tail for no reason. Barney does not know how to fight back well. I started keeping Tutty in the basement while I was at work and putting the other cats down there at night. I talked to a behaviorist the night of 8/29/14, and she said he was just play fighting and to let the cats together with some supervision. The next morning, I heard a running cat fight and followed Tutty in hot pursuit of Barney to the basement. They were side by side posturing (bent spines, wiggling tails, mild growling). I threw a toy, and Barney went to walk away. Tutty went after him with his full arsenal, and it was all business. I wanted to hurt Tutty but I did not. I then wanted to throw him outside but I did not. I put him in the bathroom and waited to see what the nice lady would say. She said take him to a no-kill shelter and leave him anonymously. Really? Leave a cat who is known to hate people and cats? He would not have a chance. So, at 3:30 pm, I opened the back door and told him to go. He did not want to so I made him go. The vet and feral cat lady told me to let him go a long time ago. Two hours later, I opened another door to beat the guinea pig blankets on the bricks, and Tutty was there. For a moment, he had a look of pure terror, and then he recognized me. He ran back in the house and plopped down like he owned the place. I am awaiting information from other people. In the mean time, Tutty is in the basement about 7 am to 7 pm while the other cats are in there from 7 to 10 pm to 7 am. In the 7 to 10 pm range, I let the girls with Tutty to see how they do. Tinkie is stalking Tutty right now but nothing too violent. Barney is not having any contact with Tutty now to protect him. I promised Barney that nobody would hurt him again.

So, the night of 8/31/14, I had Tutty and the girls out. He got in a fight with Emmy which was not too bad so I put her up in the basement with Barney. Then, he and Tinkie got in a bad fight, and he pulled out huge tufts of her fur so I put her in the basement. The morning of 9/1/14, I put Tutty in the basement and let the other three cats out in the house. I did not let him out that night. When I went down there just before 7 pm, he was restless, and I just did not like how he looked at me like I was his next target so I put him outside after putting a dose of Frontline on him. He is now outside and hangs around a ton more than when he was out there before. He got some burrs but otherwise seems fine. I am sure the outdoor cats are not happy for the reunion but things are finally quiet again inside. I know King Tut would rather be inside but he is just too violent.

The winter of 2015 was horrible. Tutty spent half the winter in the basement. After a few days, he would become more aggressive with me so I would put him outside for a few hours at least even if it was cold. If it was above freezing, he was mostly outside. Then, he would sit in the window and want to come back in. Tinkie would play footsie with him under the basement door but it was footsie with hissing and growling. He slipped past me once, and Tinkie attacked. Yet, the reason he failed integration was his unsolicited attacks on Barney. I promised Barney that I would not risk his life again to see if Tutty had changed.

So, my cat GK lives in the garage but spends a good amount of time outside. Since my father and I go in and out of the garage, there is no way to control GK going in and out. Tutty kept attacking GK but GK seemed to be able to fend him off even though she is declawed (I found her that way). I heard a big cat fight on 5/25/15. On 5/29/15, GK finally let me feel her back, and yep, she had an abscess! You can read more about her on her page. So, Tutty has destroyed all his available cat enemies that I take care of, and now the outside and garage are all his because I now have to keep GK in a cage inside for the rest of her life because she will only use a litter pan in a cage, and she has her own list of behavioral problems. Tutty can be really sweet with me sometimes. I hug and kiss him every day now. I just wish he would stop trying to kill other cats. He always looks so forlorn sitting in the window begging to come inside but I cannot let him to continue to put my other cats in the hospital.

I put King Tut in the garage on 6/27/15 when we got 3.5 inches of rain, and he was just sitting in the window so desperate. He was not all that happy in the garage but it is his now since GK is in a cage in the basement. When it gets cold, I will be putting him in and out of the garage (instead of the basement).

Tutty had his checkup on 7/1/15. He really needed to go for the distemper and rabies shots. The $69.00 exam itself consisted of the vet putting a towel over him and listening to his heart and sticking a tongue depressor in his mouth for a few seconds and in an ear for a second. Some exam! I told her that he was semi-feral and could bite or hit so she wanted to do as little as possible (but should not get charged for basically doing nothing!). He was 11.8 pounds, 0.2 pounds less than a year ago which seems strange. He seems bigger to me.

On 7/28/15, King Tut did not show up for breakfast or dinner. I checked all over, and I was very worried. He did return the next day but he was a bit scared, covered in small burrs, and he had a hacking cough that was alarming. The cough slowly went away, and I never did take him to the vet which is an ordeal in and off itself for him. I guess I will never know what happened to the poor guy on that day.

King Tut had his yearly check up on 7/5/16. He weighed 13.4 pounds. He was a good boy and never tried to bite or hit. She even looked at his teeth. He got a shot for rabies and a shot for feline leukemia. He gets a booster on 7/26/16. They gave him Profender on his back as a dewormer. No problems were found.

Tutty got his booster on 7/26/16. He weighed 13.2 pounds.

King Tut had his check up on 7/13/17. He was such a good boy, even purring! He was up to 13.6 pounds. The vet did not do much of an exam. He got a rabies and feline leukemia shot. He did start to growl when he went back in the carrier.

Tutty went to the vet on 7/17/18. He was up to 13.8 pounds. The vet did not do much of an exam. We took the top off the carrier, and she worked on him in the carrier. She gave him shots for rabies, feline leukemia, and feline distemper. She also put Profender on his back in case he has worms. He was a good boy!

King Tut went to the vet on 7/16/19. He was up to 14.4 pounds. He got shots for rabies and feline leukemia and Profender for tapeworms. He is being switched from Frontline to Revolution for ticks and other critters.

In late June of 2020, I found a small bite wound on King Tut. I treated it with Neosporin twice a day for about a week, and it did not become infected.

Tutty had his yearly vet appointment on 7/14/20. His weight was down a little to 13.8 pounds. He got rabies and leukemia shots. He got Profender for tapeworms. The vet suggested doing a baseline bloodwork and testing for feline leukemia in a few months in case he got something from the bite wound. I do not know though if he was bitten by a cat or by perhaps a fox or raccoon or opossum or even the mink I saw on video by my pond.

In the spring of 2021, a vixen raised three kits under the shed next to my chicken pen. Yes, the foxes were watching the chicken house. When the kits were about three months old, I saw an interesting interaction between them and King Tut. I heard the foxes screams and looked on the front porch. Tutty was up against the house. The kits were taking turns charging him, trying to bite but not really doing it. It was hard to tell what percentage of this was play (the kits were supercharged and excited) and what percentage it was learning to hunt. I was a bit worried for Tutty but ended up leaving him out. I had previously seen him interact with adult foxes without any worry as the foxes were acting scared of him.

King Tut went to the vet on 7/22/21. The vet gave him shots for rabies, distemper, and feline leukemia. She examined him so fast that I could not see it being done. Tutty was purring and then growling and repeating that the entire time. His weight was 13 pounds. He got Profender for tapeworms on his back. King Tut had his blood drawn. All the results were normal.

On 12/21/21, when I went to tend to the chickens around 5:40 pm, King Tut was violently vomiting nearby. I had never seen him vomit before. I could not tell what he threw up (it was gone/eaten by morning) but I thought it was strange. I figured he just ate something bad or had a hairball. On 12/22/21 around 6:30 am, I put out his food. He did not come. I called. He walked up slowly and did not want to eat. I knew something was wrong and wanted to take him to the vet but my job always comes first (lots of work was due), and I did not want to explain coming in late to work. I put Tutty in the basement while I was at work and hoped he would get better. I worked so hard at work that I completely forgot about him. I got to the basement around 5:30 pm. Tutty had not touched his food while I was gone. About six piles of dried up bloody vomit were on the floor. I knew he was in crisis. I thought maybe one of the neighbors had poisoned him, on purpose (someone had poisoned my bee hives in 2018, 2019, and 2020 with chlordane so we gave up after 30 years of bee keeping) or by accident. I called the regular vet which would not see him this week at all. They said go to the emergency vet. I dropped him off around 6:30 pm and went home. At 8:30 pm, I called the vet as it was getting late. The vet suggested what I said to do in the first place, stomach x-ray to rule out foreign body and blood work. Around 10:20 pm, the vet called. The x-ray was normal. His kidney and liver enzymes indicated organ failure. They closed at 1 am (Emergency vet is short staffed and cannot be open all night! I thought that was the whole point!). They said to transfer him to other ER in Columbia. His weight was 12.3 pounds (down from 13 pounds). Abnormal results included: 16.4 hemoglobin (9.8 to 16.23 g/dL normal), 0.01 Eosinophils (0.17 to 1.57 K/uL normal), 28 platelets (151 to 600 K/uL normal), 0.04 plateletcrit (0.17 to 0.86% normal), 3.4 creatinine (0.8 to 2.4 mg/dL normal), 61 BUN (16 to 36 mg/dL normal), 8.5 phosphorus (3.1 to 7.5 mg/dL normal), 290 ALT (12 to 130 U/L normal). The vet said nothing about the platelets; maybe they clumped?

We arrived at the emergency vet around 11 pm (an hour past my bed time). After a long interview, they left me. I finally stuck my head in and asked to go home since I knew Tutty was staying. I finally got home after midnight and took a Xanax which I rarely do but I knew I would never sleep. Around 1 am (I had not yet fallen asleep), the vet called to say Tutty needed IV fluids. I know! I wanted him on IV fluids at 6:30 pm but nobody had started them! The vet suggested sonogram to show possible kidney failure/inflammation/infection/cancer. I slept from 2 to 5 am, and got up at 6 am to feed everybody before work. The vet called at 6:40 am. Tutty would not eat for them. Urinalysis was normal. I declined additional urine culture since they saw no bacteria. I agreed to the sonogram. "He is so sweet!," they said. So, you know he was really sick! I did not hear from them while at work but left work early and called them at 3 pm. They said they would do another blood test at 5 pm. I called at 6:30 pm when I had heard nothing. His recheck blood work (only kidney; they did not test the others) was normal. They never gave me the actual results. His sonogram was normal. The vet things his kidney and liver values were so high due to dehydration due to vomiting. The question remains, why did he vomit? Did he eat some rotten meat with a high bacterial load? Did he wander to the house on construction and eat chemicals and why? Did a neighbor put out poison to kill him or other animals? I will never know. I picked him up at 8 pm to bring him home.

He is now living in the basement. He has all he needs and plenty of room but it is a bit dark, lonely, and boring. All the houseplants are in there so he does get full spectrum lighting from them if he wants to walk to that side of the room. I am not sure what to do now. I am afraid he was poisoned, perhaps on purpose. It is possible he just ate something with a lot of bacteria or chemicals and made him vomit so much that he dry heaved out blood and his blood values went very bad. I cannot let him with the other cats, at least without watching them because I cannot afford emotionally, physically (them or me), or financially to have to take more cats to the emergency vet for abscesses. As of 12/27/21, King Tut has not tried to go after me yet but he will in time. I think he wants me to give him all my attention. If I do not or do not put down food, he grabs me with his nails. I did manage to trim them so that helps.

I took King Tut to the regular vet for a recheck on 1/13/22. Due to Omicron, I was not allowed in so I barely talked to the vet who just said he was great. They rechecked his blood but I did not get a report. She just said everything was normal. I told them the values that were off before and presume they retested all of those.

I have tried to let Tutty spend some time in the master bedroom and bath area instead of being in the basement all the time but, when he is in the bedroom, he just sits by the door waiting to get out and will not drink or use the litter pan while in there. He seems to like the basement for now, and after almost a month, he has only grabbed me with his claws once so far, today, 1/16/22. When spring comes, I hope to have some ideas on how to let him have some more freedom without being free or with the other cats. All the catios that I have looked at so far are expensive but more important for Tutty, they are very tiny! Chicketopia would be perfect for him but it is full of chickens!

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