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Turkey Books and Web Sites

Last Updated: 6/12/12

I started renovating my bird pages in October of 2006. By July 2007, it was obvious they were not going to be finished if I added all the new information to the pages that I had initially intended. In order to get what I have written linked into the pages, I decided to just note which pages were unfinished and link them all in. This is one of those pages that is not complete. I am sorry.

I have not put in an index for this page, checked the links to see if they still exist, etc. yet. Sorry.


Wild Turkeys:

Finding books on wild turkeys is difficult. If anyone knows of a book on wild turkeys still in print and for sale, please let me know.

I only have been able to find one good book on wild turkeys. It is long ago out of print and covers their behavior, feeding, breeding, hunting (the main emphasis), and cooking their corpses in great extent. It is an excellent book (if you ignore the hunting and eating sections). It is called the Complete Book of the Wild Turkey by Roger Latham, Stackpole books, 1956 and 1976. I bought mine through amazon.com but local libraries may also carry it.

Someone alerted me to the book Wild Turkey Country by Lovette Williams. I have not seen this wild turkey book but it can be purchased at this site or the links below.

Brent let me know about the book Illumination of the Flatwoods by Joe Hutto. He says it is a "true story about a man who raises poults from egg until they finally leave 2 years later. It is done in journal form but a must read for all turkey lovers." Amazon.com sells it.

Mici told me about this book on 4/29/06: American Game Birds of Field and Forest: Their Habits, Ecology, and Management by Frank C. Edminster; Castle Books, New York, 1954. It has some wild turkey information.

Here are some links to wild turkey books at Amazon.

Domestic Turkeys:

Birds of a Feather: Saving Rare Turkeys from Extinction by Carolyn Christman and Robert Hawes, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, 1999.

Newsgroups, Catalogs, and Web Sites

Newsgroups to which you might subscribe:

I do not know of any!


I got my pair of wild turkeys from a local game farm.
I got my turkey's food from Southern States.

McMurray's Hatchery sells wild turkey poults (must buy at least 20), fertile eggs (must buy at least 10), and supplies including feed, poult supplies, etc. Their ordering number is 1-800-456-3280.

Stromberg's sells wild turkey poults, supplies, books, etc.

There are many other poultry breeding outfits that sell wild turkeys and supplies to care for them.

Additional Links:

Wild Turkey Links:

The National Wild Turkey Federation has a web site. While their main purpose is to promote turkey hunting, they have also worked to increase the numbers of wild turkeys by releasing over 8,000 turkeys and by helping to educate people about them. They say that there were about 1.3 million wild turkeys in America in 1973 and about 4.2 million in 1996.

My Life as Turkey - this PBS show about a man raising wild turkeys from egg to adults is a must-see if you have or love wild turkeys.

Wild Turkeys - this site has a few links and photos of wild turkeys.

Wild Turkeys - a page with photos and a little information and also recordings of turkey calls.

"Wild Turkeys Fly Back From Edge of Extinction" - a short overview of wild turkeys (from the National Wild Turkey Federation)

I have never found any other descent links to turkey pages. Let me know if you find any.

Domestic Turkey Links:

American Livestock Breeds Conservancy - promoting the domestic livestock breeds of the past including unique turkey breeds.

Turkeys - lots of photos of all the kinds of turkeys on the Feather Site page.

Sign up for the Rare Heritage Turkeys mailing list

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