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Robyn's Chicken Photo and Videos Page 2018 to 2019

Last Updated: 5/27/18

My Chickens:

The photos and videos are in order from oldest to newest.


Perky hatched on 4/20/18. Daffodil, Billie, and Angel hatched on 4/21/18. I have taken a TON of photos and videos but have not yet had time to process most of them. I processed the few below so I would have some here.

4/20/18 (Perky's birthday):

Billie and Angel pipped - holes in their shells
Pipped eggs - Daffy at the top, Billie on the left, and Angel on the right.
Perky - fresh out of the egg!

4/21/18 (Daffy, Billie, and Angel's birthday):

Perky and Daffy hatched on their own.
Perky (left) and Daffy (right)
Perky (right) and Daffy (left) hatched
Perky (bottom) and Daffy (top)
Perky (left) and Daffy (right)
Perky (bottom) and Daffy (top)

Angel and Billie were assist hatched.
Angel hatching
Angel hatching
Angel hatching
Billie hatching
Angel hatching
Billie hatched
Angel hatched - She looks dead but yes Angel survived!
Billie hatched

In to the brooder!
Billie, Perky, and Daffy - left to right. Perky actually was asleep for this photo!

4/22/18. 1 day old:
Billie, Angel, Perky, and Daffy - names next to them

4/25/18, 4 days old:
Angel, Perky, Billie, Daffy - left to right

4/29/18, 8 days old:
Perky, Daffy, Billie, and Angel - names next to them

I have not had time to process the probably hundred photos I have taken but here is a video from when they were five weeks old on 5/26/18:
5-week-old chicks


I have a lot of photos of my six new chicks and adult chickens in 2019 but no time to process them. Here is but a few.

4/30/19, 2 weeks old:

Chicks - "mother" Perky at top, Dulcinea on top of the food, Ariel, Iris, Dusty, and Georgia clockwise from the far left around the bowl


Hope - 12 days old

View more photos of my chickens from 2001 to 2003 on my first chicken photo page, from 2004 to 2006 on my second chicken photo page, from 2007 on my third chicken photo page, and from 2008 to 2015 on my fourth chicken photo page.

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