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Robyn's Chicken Photo Page 2007

Last Updated: 2/9/10

My Chickens:

The photos are in order from oldest to newest.

As of 7/3/07, there are five living chickens: Sugar, Poulet, Pondet, Speckles, and Chickie.


Here is a photo of Pondet (left) and Poulet's (right) eggs on 3/27/07.

I took these photos on 4/29/07:
Pondet brooding her one egg. She is hunkered down.
Speckles - his head is blurry because he was moving.
Sugar inside his enclosure.
Poulet up on the beam where she spends 95% of her time.
Sugar and Speckles separated. Speckles is at the bottom of the photo and Sugar at the top. You can see the shared bowls and how, when they move the bowls, they can get into Sugar's section and vice versa.

Ok, Chickie arrived on 5/17/07, and I first saw her on 5/18/07. You know I just had to take a ton of photos!
These are from 5/18/07:
The first photo - Chickie is on the right under Pondet
Chickie alongide Pondet
Chickie alongside Pondet
Close-up of Chickie from the previous photo
These are from 5/19/07:
Pondet showing Chickie food - in the nest box
Pondet and Chickie
Close-up of Chickie - from the last photo
Pondet eating - don't squash Chickie!
Pondet and Chickie on the ground
Pondet and Chickie on the ground - this photo caught Chickie trying to beat up a mealworm; Chickie's eyes are shut while shaking her head. Chickie did not eat that mealworm even after Pondet mutilated it. Learning to eat is hard work!
Pondet and Chickie - good photo. She is showing Chickie food.
Chickie close-up - from the last photo

I made three videos of Chickie and Pondet which you can see on the bird videos page.

Chickie and Pondet on 5/21/07
Chickie and Pondet on 5/21/07
Chickie eating a mealworm pupae on 5/23/07
Chickie and Pondet on 5/23/07
Chickie on 5/23/07, close-up from last photo
Chickie and Pondet on 5/26/07, eating mealworms
Chickie and Pondet on 5/26/07; look at Pondet's eye; she looks scary!
Chickie and Pondet on 5/26/07
Chickie and Pondet on 5/26/07
Chickie and Pondet on 5/26/07

Chickie and Pondet on 6/2/07; Chickie is now two weeks old and has some adult feathers on the wings. The tail is just starting. You can see in all three of these photos that Chickie has a mealworm in her mouth. I give them half a dozen mealworms twice a day; it is what they live for.
Chickie and Pondet on 6/2/07
Chickie and Pondet on 6/2/07

Here are photos from 6/9/07. Chickie is now three weeks old.
Chickie and Pondet
Chickie and Pondet - Chickie's head is blurry because she is attacking a mealworm
Chickie and Pondet
Chickie - she is posing

I took these photos on 6/16/07. Chickie is a month old.
Chickie eating a mealworm
Chickie and Pondet - poor mealworm going down the hatch
Chickie and Pondet
Chickie and Pondet - Chickie is holding a mealworm like a cigarette
Chickie - notice the dark feathers coming in on the back of the neck

These Chickie and Pondet photos are from 6/23/07. Chickie is five weeks old.
Chickie and Pondet
Chickie's tail feathers - I was trying to tell Chickie's sex from the tail feathers as her father got long curly tail feathers when he was a little older than Chickie
Chickie and Pondet - Chickie is sitting on the edge of the nest box.
Chickie - close-up of Chickie from the previous photo
Chickie and Pondet - Chickie is still on the edge of the nest box in this photo too.

Here are photos of Chickie and Pondet up on the outside roost on 6/29/07. Chickie is six weeks old. Pondet has her wing over Chickie to protect her. It was a good thing as thunderstorms came through that night.
Chickie and Pondet on the roost
Chickie and Pondet on the roost
Chickie - sticking her head out from under mom
Chickie and Pondet on the roost - from a distance. This was to show just how high up they are!

On 6/30/07, I started integrating the chickens. Here are some photos of Chickie with both of her parents, Pondet, and Speckles!
Pondet, Chickie, and Speckles (left to right)
Pondet (left), Chickie (middle), and Speckles (top)
Pondet (left), Chickie (middle), and Speckles (top)

These photos are from 7/7/07. Pondet kept attacking Chickie so Chickie was hiding in the nest box.
Chickie in the nest box.
Chickie in the nest box.
Poulet (left) and Speckles (right)

Here are two photos of Chickie from on 7/14/07 at 8-weeks-old. I will now stop taking weekly photos. Chickie was in Sugar's section of the cage. She can easily squeeze between the wire and one of the windows. In these photos, she was standing on the board over another window.

On 7/28/07, I took this video of Speckles sending out his alert call. Why was he doing that? His mother, Pondet, was in the nest box laying an egg which gets him all upset. Anyway, the video just shows me walking towards my father's truck which is in front of the chicken house. There is no video of the chickens, just the sound of Speckles' alarm call.
Chicken Alert Call - 1200 KB, mpg movie.

These photos are from 7/28/07:
Three chickens - Sugar barely seen on the left, Speckles at the bottom, and Pondet on the right.

Chickie and Sugar on 8/18/07. Sugar's head is on the left while his granddaughter joins him behind bars. She can squish between the fence to go in with the other chickens if she wants.

On 9/8/07, I took these chicken photos. Chickie was in the enclosed area with Sugar (her grandfather). She goes in there and out as she pleases since she can squeeze under the wire. Her mother, Pondet, attacks her when Pondet is off the roost.
Poulet - on the ground for once but moving her head so fast that it is a blur
Chickie - through the wire
Chickie - through the wire
Pondet (left) and Speckles (right)
Four chickens - on Sugar's side of the fence are Sugar and Chickie; on the other side are Speckles (left) and Pondet (right)

View more photos of my chickens from 2001 to 2003 on my first chicken photo page, from 2004 to 2006 on my second chicken photo page, and from 2008 to 2010 on my fourth chicken photo page.

Return to the page about my chickens.

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