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Chicken Books and Web Sites

Last Updated: 8/13/12

Chicken Books

Catalogs and Web Sites

Chicken Books

There are a ton of books on chickens but these are the ones I bought when I started in April of 2001. Both were new printings despite the original publishing date. Chickens have not changed much although technology has. I recommend both books.

A Guide to Better Hatching by Janet Stromberg, Stromberg Publishing Company, 1975 and 1999.

Chickens in Your Backyard by Rick & Gail Luttmann, St. Martin's Press, 1976.

My mother picked up these three additional books but, as of 10/11/01, I have just skim read them. The last one looks like it is worthwhile to have for anyone with chickens.

Raising Poultry Successfully by Will Graves, Williamson Publishing, 1985.

Bantams by Helga Fritzsche, Barron's, 1985 (translated from German).

The Chicken Health Handbook by Gail Damerow, Storey Books, 1994.

If you want to see photos of gorgeous, fancy chickens, then get a copy of Extraordinary Chickens by Stephen Green-Armytage, Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 2000. He apparently also has a sequel book too.

Catalogs and Web Sites

These links were last checked on 3/5/07. So many of them no longer exist but I found archived versions.

Catalogs and Hatcheries:

McMurray's Hatchery sells chicks (must buy at least 25), fertile eggs (must buy at least 10), and supplies including feed, chick supplies, etc. Their ordering number is 1-800-456-3280. They have like hundreds of varieties!!

Stromberg's - sells chicks and other baby birds and poultry supplies.

Meyer Hatchery - sell chicks and supplies

My Pet Chicken - sell chicks and supplies, also information

There are many other poultry breeding outfits that sell chickens and supplies to care for them.

Additional Chicken Web Links:

If you have a chicken web site favorite, let me know.

United Poultry Concerns - Providing a Good Home for Chickens - chicken care

The Other Side of the Chicken and The Basics of Caring for Companion Chickens - site on chickens as pets, includes more links; these are archived versions of the sites as they no longer exist

Hug-a-Chicken - site that includes chicken stories, care, diseases and problems, and candling information. This is an archived version of the site. Boy, I had trouble finding an archive of this site! It moved to its own URL but then they ended the site. Since then, the page has been full of ads for EATING chickens! I finally found a version of what the site used to be.

Poultry Help - a lot of chicken stuff. Note that the site is closed meaning they will not be adding to it but the information will stay for now.

The Hen House

Poultry Links

The Feather Site Chicken Page - includes photos of dozens of breeds of chickens.

The Coop - information on poultry, waterfowl, and gamebirds.

The Farm Sanctuary - I had a link to their chicken care page up here but cannot find it on their site so this is their homepage.

NetVet Bird Sites - tons of links on chickens and other birds (poultry, waterfowl, pet birds, exotics, etc.)

Candling - site shows some photos of various candled eggs.

Country Fayre - a UK chicken page

Feather Fanciers - Chicken forum and more

Viral Diseases in Chickens

A Chicken Breed Chart - this chart compares about 60 breeds and includes colors, egg color, broodiness, temperament, and more

My Pet Chicken - a store with chicken information, sells chicks too

Backyard Chickens

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