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Arey's Bird Photos

Last Updated: 9/22/10

Arey is fortunate to live near the Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge in Southern New Jersey. He is also a great photographer and took most of these photos there. He posts photos on my forum, and I asked in May of 2010 if I could put some on my web site. So, here they are! The date when he posted them on the forum is given as well as the species he said they were. Most of these birds, I have never seen.

A pair of mergansers - female on the left, male on the right.

Bittern - can you find him because I still can't!

Immature ivory gull - this one is in Cape May, New Jersey.

American coot
Two American coots

Three mergansers - two females on the left, male on the right.
Two male mergansers
Three mergansers - female on the far left, male on the left, displaying male on the right.

Three pintail ducks
Black duck
Five ducks - I think three pintails and two black ducks but am not sure.

Whistling swans are American tundra swans.
Whistling swan
Pair of whistling swans - taking off
Pair of whistling swans - in flight
Mute swan
Great blue herons - three eyeing the waters
Flock of snow geese

Four Forster's terns - fishing
Four Forster's terns - fishing
White egret - got something!
White egret
Snowy egret
Little blue heron

Lots of birds - this is a pond fish nightmare. In the center is a great blue heron, on the left a great egret, a few smaller snowy egrets, lots of glossy ibis (wading black birds), and cormorants under the water (just their snake-like heads sticking up).
Lots of birds - again. From left to right are a great egret, a great blue heron, glossy ibis, a snowy egret, and the cormorants in the water.

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