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Robyn's AquaBabies Poll Page

Last Updated: 4/27/07

The creator of AquaBabies claims that those of us who oppose their "product" only do so because we have never owned it. Everyone would like to hear from people who have bought and cared for AquaBabies. Please fill in the form below with the answers to the following questions, and I will post them here (about 1-2 weeks turn around).
Do not be afraid to reply at either extreme. If you have had a good experience, we would like to hear that too. As long as the language is appropriate, I will include all responses. I will put the answers into a standard format and use your first name only. I will not reply to your response unless you ask me a relevant question. Anything in quotes is direct from the response I was sent but I have corrected spelling errors (believe me some were so bad!) but not most grammatical errors. I have interjected some comments between some of the responses. In some cases, the poll results are summaries of what the person said but I did not in any way alter the responses to put AquaBabies in a bad light. In order to save space, I had to crop out excess information some of which was irrelevant to the question. The opinions expressed below are not necessarily shared by me. It seems only about 40% of people agree with me but that is better than none! Most of the people who say they are satisfied with the AquaBabies say so because they like the animals and not necessarily because they like them in tiny quarters. Thanks!

AquaBabies Poll Results from 1999, 2000, and 2001
AquaBabies Poll Results from 2002
AquaBabies Poll Results from 2003
AquaBabies Poll Results from 2004
AquaBabies Poll Results from 2005
AquaBabies Poll Results from 2006-2007

The Aquababy poll (at least though the easy-to-fill-out form) has now ended. I am only getting about half a dozen entries per year but am getting 5 to 30 SPAM (porn, prescription drugs, travel, etc.) junk messages through the poll every single day. I have to wade through them. The evil people who filled out the forms over and over with junk do not realize that only I see their worthless drivel. So, on 4/28/07, the poll officially ended. If you still want to put in your poll answer, you can contact me with the answers to the different questions shown below. AquaBabies are sold much less often as of 2007 but I am keeping these pages up just in case someone could benefit from them.

1. When did you purchase your first AquaBaby?
2. Which species were in your AquaBaby (if you know)?
3. Where did you buy your AquaBaby?
4. At the time of purchasing your AquaBaby, would you consider yourself a novice, intermediate, or advanced aquarist?
5. Why did you decide to buy the AquaBaby?
6. Did any of them die? If so, how long after purchase?
7. Did you upgrade to larger aquariums after this experience or give up fish-keeping all together?
8. Would you buy another AquaBaby?
9. In general, would you say that you were satisfied or dissatisfied with your purchase?

Just a note for those of you who sell AquaBabies who call me a hypocrite because I do other things to harm animals such as driving a car, eating chicken, and keeping animals in captivity. Yes, I am a hypocrite but that does not change the fact that fish cannot thrive in a cup of water not much bigger than themselves. We ALL harm animals whether intentional or not, and it is wrong. While I cannot stop driving (to get to work to make money to buy food for my animals and myself) or release my domesticated animals into the wild (where they would be killed), I can provide as natural-like as possible a setting for my aquatic "children." I only wish that same semi-freedom for their cousins in the AquaBabies. I love those "babies" in the AquaBabies, just not their home. I believe fish can experience happiness and sadness, and I see that difference in the behavior of a fish in too-small a home versus a good sized home.

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