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AquaBabies Poll Page 2006-2007

Last Updated: 11/21/07

These are the poll results for 2006 and 2007.

1. When did you purchase your first AquaBaby?
2. Which species were in your AquaBaby (if you know)?
3. Where did you buy your AquaBaby?
4. At the time of purchasing your AquaBaby, would you consider yourself a novice, intermediate, or advanced aquarist?
5. Why did you decide to buy the AquaBaby?
6. Did any of them die? If so, how long after purchase?
7. Did you upgrade to larger aquariums after this experience or give up fish-keeping all together?
8. Would you buy another AquaBaby?
9. In general, would you say that you were satisfied or dissatisfied with your purchase?

The following is a list of the poll results of AquaBaby owners from 2006.

Reply #84 from Davidson on 1/24/06:
1. "10/2003."
2. "Dwarf African frog."
3. "Mall."
4. Novice.
5. "Looked nice.'"
6. Still alive.
7. Upgrade.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes. "I love mine, can't believe how long it has lasted and they were very helpful at the mall with info."

Reply #85 from Cooki on 1/28/06:
1. "June 1999."
2. "Frog."
3. "Target."
4. Novice.
5. "My daughter was having ankle surgery....'"
6. Still alive.
7. Upgrade.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes. "I never expected this frog to still be alive. She had wanted a dog and I got her a frog after ankle surgery!..."

Reply #86 from Kayla on 2/9/06:
1. "2000?."
2. "They were red?"
3. "Hospital."
4. Novice.
5. "My kid brother likes fish and was getting stitches.'"
6. "1 fish out of 4 - 3 months." [I guess that means one fish died after 3 months.]
7. Upgrade.
8. Dissatisfied.
9. No. "My brother took decent care of them, from what I could tell, but he did not like the size of the tank, and eventually went to a thrift store and bought a 5 gallon tank (for 2 dollars - a lot less than I paid) and other care stuff which made a nice habitat for the fish. He also fed them more times a day."

Reply #87 from Brandon on 2/26/06:
1. "2003."
2. "African Dwarf Frog"
3. "Mall."
4. Novice.
5. "Gift.'"
6. None have died.
7. Upgrade.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes. "I was pretty satisfied. Me and my folks treat Barry like he's family, and one thing we did was buy a new tank cause the old one did look kind of cramped and small. But he's real easy to take care of....After looking at yours and other sites I might not get another AquaBaby again, but I would purchase another frog from a pet store or something."

Reply #88 from Daisy on 4/9/06:
1. "1/02."
2. Betta.
3. Online.
4. Novice.
5. "I wanted a pet fish.'"
6. Yes. 3 weeks.
7. Gave up.
8. Not Satisfied.
9. No. "I found out very quickly that keeping fish as pets is wrong especially keeping fish in such small tanks. This is wrong! Stop selling AquaBabies!"

Reply #89 from Russ on 9/19/06:
1. "1996."
2. He does not know but they were striped.
3. Walgreens.
4. Novice.
5. "They seemed like good office pets, based on the advertising."
6. "Of 3, 1 vanished; other 2 still alive when I left job after 18 months."
7. No change.
8. Satisfied.
9. No. "I bought AquaBabies again in 2005. This time the fish did not live as long. But still maybe 6 months for one, one dying now at ~9 months, 1 still alive. My experience actually has been the way they describe it in the advertising - no buildup of algae or debris in a short time, fish seeming to be healthy until recently, etc. One that's dying now has lately exhibited the odd behavior you described - lying still for long periods and then suddenly dashing around in a panic - markedly different behavior than usual! But now that I have read the info on your site, I will not buy any more Aqua Babies."

Reply #90 from Deidra on 9/25/06:
1. "1999."
2. African dwarf frog.
3. It was a gift.
4. Novice.
5. "They were cute."
6. "5 years after purchase."
7. No change.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes. "They were cute, easy and perfect! I would highly recommend (them), and all the facts about easy care were true. My frog only died when I tried to upgrade his tank after five happy years in his AquaBaby box."

Reply #91 from Kristin on 12/18/06:
1. 2003.
2. Danios.
3. It was a gift.
4. Novice.
5. "Gift from a friend."
6. Not yet.
7. No change.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes. "I love my little fish. He's easy to take care of. I change the water about once every two months. The snail kind of does all the work for you. You don't have to open up the whole fish tank to feed it. The small hole is perfect. No mess, no fuss."

Reply #92 from Hunter on 2/16/07:
1. 2001.
2. Black tetras and African dwarf frogs.
3. "Arbor Place Mall."
4. Intermediate.
5. Thought "it was cute."
6. In about a year.
7. Upgrade.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes.

Reply #93 from Kate on 3/7/07:
1. 1999.
2. "Guppy?, snail, 2 cherry barbs?"
3. "Walgreens."
4. Novice.
5. "Liked ecosystem concept, easy."
6. "Snail, 2 fish in 1st year. Cherry barb? after 5 years."
7. No change (but she got a 10 gallon tank so there was).
8. Satisfied.
9. No.

Reply #94 from Joshua on 11/20/07:
1. Spring 2006.
2. African dwarf frog.
3. Mall kiosk.
4. Novice.
5. "It looked easy to care for and a good start in aquariums."
6. "One died probably a couple months after purchase. There were initially 2 in the cube. I believe I was responsible, as I was very literal in the feeding instructions 1-2 pellets a day per frog, but I have a suspicion the bigger frog was eating all the food."
7. "I got a small aquarium for guppies and small catfish (5 gallons). I also got another frog in hopes of moving my remaining Aquababy into the larger environment (so the new frog was kinda used as a canary - a little cruel but I was much more emotionally attached to frog #1 and didn't want to risk a dramatic environment change unless I knew it was safe). Unfortunately, s/he died very quickly though the water quality was optimal. I don't know what the issue was - it may have been too hard for the fish to get the pellets from the guppies, not sure. At any rate, I didn't move my remaining Aquababy into the larger tank."
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes.

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