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AquaBabies Poll Page 2004

Last Updated: 4/11/06

These are the poll results for 2004.

1. When did you purchase your first AquaBaby?
2. Which species were in your AquaBaby (if you know)?
3. Where did you buy your AquaBaby?
4. At the time of purchasing your AquaBaby, would you consider yourself a novice, intermediate, or advanced aquarist?
5. Why did you decide to buy the AquaBaby?
6. Did any of them die? If so, how long after purchase?
7. Did you upgrade to larger aquariums after this experience or give up fish-keeping all together?
8. Would you buy another AquaBaby?
9. In general, would you say that you were satisfied or dissatisfied with your purchase?

The following is a list of the poll results of AquaBaby owners from 2004.

Reply #61 from Sarah around (lost the exact date) 1/30/04:
1. 12/02.
2. "The tank had 1 Betta and 1 snail.."
3. "It was purchased at Kroger."
4. "I was an advanced novice...."
5. "It was a gift."
6. "The Betta is healthy and, apparently happy. The snail died at about the one year mark. I had another, but it also died...."
7. "Nope, I love my tank...."
8. "Yes, but I am unable to find them anymore. I would buy a small (1 qt tank or smaller) for Bettas only though."
9. "I am satisfied with the gift. I must admit that I took the original instructions with a grain of salt and cared for the tank as I saw fit. I feed 1-2 times a day, do a 50% water change ach week, totally clean the tank when the gravel looks dirty and use room temperature Kroger Spring Water mostly for convenience at work. I periodically change the plant or big rock for interest sake. Other than been unable to keep a snail to clean the tank, my fish and I are doing great."

Reply #62 from Robin on 2/10/04:
1. "April of 2001."
2. "2 frogs."
3. "Department Store."
4. "Intermediate."
5. "For the frogs - I like them."
6. "About a year. The other one is still alive and doing very well."
7. "We upgraded after about 8 months, and put the frogs into our tropical fish aquarium...."
8. "Certainly."
9. "We have been very satisfied. My son and I never considered that we would leave the poor creatures in that habitat for their entire lives. As soon as they were doubled in size we made the decision to transfer them to the aquarium...."

From here on, the results come out of my new poll form. For some of the Questions, there were drop down menus so the person could only choose a single word instead of a long explanation as before. The single-choiced answers are not in quotes. The poll results are now shorter unless I find a comment that should be shared.

Reply #63 from Dawn on 2/11/04:
1. "June 2000."
2. "Neons"
3. "Calgary (Canada)."
4. Novice.
5. "I challenging to maintain large aquarium."
6. "All 3 within about 3 months."
7. Upgrade.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes.

Reply #64 from Alice on 2/15/04:
1. "2001."
2. "Not sure."
3. "Guildford mall."
4. Novice.
5. "It was cute."
6. No response given.
7. Upgrade.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes.

Reply #65 from Sarah on 3/3/04:
1. "March 2002."
2. "African Dwarf Frog, Snails."
3. "Target."
4. Novice.
5. "I was living in a college dorm and needed a small tank. Plus, I wanted a frog."
6. "The snails about a year later."
7. Upgrade.
8. Dissatisfied.
9. No.

Reply #66 from Julianna on 3/23/04:
1. "July 2001."
2. "Frog."
3. "Target."
4. Novice.
5. "I wanted a pet frog, and I didn't know how to care for a non-aquatic one."
6. "The snail just died...."
7. No change.
8. Satisfied.
9. No.

Reply #67 from MaryAnn on 4/21/04:
1. "1999."
2. "African dwarf frog and unknown type snail."
3. "Gift."
4. Novice.
5. "Gift."
6. "Snail 'disappeared' about 6 months later; frog is still alive."
7. No change.
8. Satisfied.
9. No.

Reply #68 from Janis on 5/8/04:
1. "1999."
2. "Frog."
3. "The mall."
4. Advanced.
5. "He is so cute, and cheap price."
6. "None died."
7. Upgrade. "I did upgrade the tank in 2002...."
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes.

Reply #69 from Heather on 5/23/04:
1. "2000."
2. "Frog."
3. "Target."
4. Novice.
5. "I felt sooo sorry for the creatures stacked on top of one another on an endcap display."
6. "The frog died about three months or so after I bought the unit. The snail still lives with me."
7. No change.
8. Dissatisfied.
9. No. "Here's the thing -- I regret and hated supporting AquaBabies. But I wanted so badly to 'save' at least one of the animals I saw in such a horrible display...."

Reply #70 from Jennifer on 6/16/04:
1. 1999.
2. "Dwarf frog and snail."
3. "Target."
4. Novice.
5. "My mom bought it for me."
6. "Just 1 of the snails after the first few weeks."
7. Upgrade.
8. Dissatisfied.
9. No. "...I upgraded to new homes within a month. I think it is cruel to leave them in a small cube with a snail....I put them together and they look happy and are going strong. I don't feed them the crap they give. I feed them pellet food....I will never buy an aqua baby again, but I will always have dwarf frogs. I love them...."

Reply #71 from Michael on 6/26/04:
1. 2001.
2. "African dwarf frog & zebra danios."
3. "Target."
4. Novice.
5. "Small space required & knew nothing about fish."
6. "Frog is still alive, all danios died."
7. Upgrade.
8. Satisfied.
9. No. "I think these things are a horible way to treat fish and frogs. My frog now lives in a my 12 gallon and he is very happy. Some of the fish sold in these things (like zebra danios) should have at least 10 gallons to live in, many people recommend 20 gallons! If you learn about aquariums and fish you will be able to understand my side. I can go on a long time with this subject, but will just end saying I regret I ever purchased an aquababy and I regret supporting the company who makes them."

Reply #72 from Vicky on 8/2/04:
1. 12/98.
2. "Frog."
3. "Mall koisk."
4. Novice.
5. "My son wanted one for Christmas."
6. "Mr. Phuzz recently died, 5 years later."
7. Upgrade.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes. "My son and I immediately changed the environment to a larger tank. I was so happy with my frog that I purchased two more although I would never use the company's boxed environment." Note from Robyn: Most aquarium stores now sell African dwarf frogs for about $4. For those that want them, that makes more sense than buying a $20 AquaBaby for the same animal and promoting them in the process.

Reply #73 from Deb on 11/14/04:
1. "11/2000."
2. "Neon tetra, snail."
3. "Drug store."
4. Intermediate.
5. "Great size for work."
6. "Yes, out of 4, 3 died one each year, last one sick 4 yrs later."
7. No change.
8. Satisfied.
9. Yes. "I was diligent in feeding my fish, changing the water and always using spring water. Fish ate snail. Last fish still survives but is now sick. All in all, it's no more cruel to keep AquaBabies compared to any other method." Comment from Robyn: While I agree many fish are kept in equally bad conditions, in my opinion (and that of most aquarists), there are certainly much better "methods" to keep fish. The problem is that most people think of fish and many animals as things and not as feeling living beings.

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