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AquaBabies Poll Page 2003

Last Updated: 4/11/06

These are the poll results for 2003.

1. When did you purchase your first AquaBaby?
2. Which species were in your AquaBaby (if you know)?
3. Where did you buy your AquaBaby?
4. At the time of purchasing your AquaBaby, would you consider yourself a novice, intermediate, or advanced aquarist?
5. Why did you decide to buy the AquaBaby?
6. Did any of them die? If so, how long after purchase?
7. Did you upgrade to larger aquariums after this experience or give up fish-keeping all together?
8. Would you buy another AquaBaby?
9. In general, would you say that you were satisfied or dissatisfied with your purchase?

The following is a list of the poll results of AquaBaby owners from 2003.

Reply #47 from Eric on 1/2/03:
1. December 1998?
2. Zebra danios and guppies.
3. "Sav-On display stand."
4. "Very Novice."
5. "I liked the look and idea of it. (at the time)"
6. "Yes, several at first, then steadily one by one over the next few years."
7. "I never upgraded any of the AquaBabies fish (didn't know anything was wrong)." [Note, this person now has aquariums.]
8. "NO."
9. "Dissatisfied."

Reply #48 from Unknown on 1/18/03:
1. December, 1999.
2. One with two danios and a snail and one with a frog and a snail.
3. Target.
4. "Novice-intermediate."
5. "They were eye-catching and my children wanted them."
6. "The danios died about a year later; the frog died about a year or so later. I put new betta fish in both which survived nearly 2 years. Both snails are still alive."
7. "I have continued with and have been very happy with the Aquababies."
8. "Yes."
9. "I was very satisfied."

Reply #49 from Wife of Mark on 2/22/03:
1. 12/19/02.
2. Two African dwarf frogs.
3. "Mall stand in New Hampshire."
4. "Novice, had previous aquariums however have never cared for frogs."
5. "Looked cute, surprise for husband."
6. "None died as of yet." (Note, only 2 months).
7. "We upgraded our tank soon after the original purchase. We researched some about the frogs and found they needed a larger area to swim in...."
8. "NO I don't think I would buy the AquaBabies setup. Their animals seemed healthy, it seems as if the care instructions are made to be simple to entice a purchase. The care is still simple, done the right way, just a little messier."
9. "Dissatisfied, wish they presented the kits a little more seriously, and not have the habitats so small. The frog pellets that are provided seem to cause some health problems."

Reply #50 from Cheryl on 3/2/03:
1. November 2000.
2. Two white cloud mountain minnows and a brown snail.
3. "A kiosk in a Nottingham Shopping Centre (England)."
4. "Novice."
5. "I was at University and my hamster had just died, and I saw the AquaBabies and decided they would be nice pets."
6. "1 died after a year, so I replaced it with another minnow, then 6 months ago the other 2 died, the snail is still very happy and active, so I put 2 baby guppies from my mums big tank in my tank...." (She went on to tell me about her baby guppies, some got eaten, etc. I'm wondering, how do you tell if a snail is happy?)
7. "I still have the 5 baby guppies in the AquaBabies tank as they are still tiny...."
8. "No, as I am happy with what I have, and when I finish uni I will hopefully get a big aquarium." (I guess uni is the University.)
9. "I am definitely satisfied!!! The water in my tank is warmer than in my mums tropical tank, and the fish are strong and healthy and all have been, the eco-system in my tank must be fine as dish, snail, and plant are thriving, as were the previous occupants for a long time!." (Note from Robyn: The original fish lived 1.5 years or so which is not long. The new guppies are just babies. She must have a hot house as mine's 60 in winter but my aquariums are 72, 75, and 80 with heaters.)

Reply #51 from Katie on 3/5/03:
1. "I received it as a gift, because the owner (a friend) was moving."
2. One African dwarf frog.
3. Unknown as it was a gift.
4. "Novice."
5. "I always loved 'Proggy' (that's his name) and thought I would love it more than someone else."
6. "No, he's five years old." (Note from Robyn: I wonder, has she had him five years or is that what the previous owner told her.)
7. "I have a betta, but he's in a 2-gallon tank, because I thought he needed the room, Proggy's tank is more of a set-up thing and Proggy is very active." (Note from Robyn: I don't consider 2 gallons large enough to be called a tank, and it's certainly not roomy.)
8. "Yes."
9. "Satisfied...Proggy is funny and I think he's great...."

Reply #52 from Colleen on 6/9/03:
1. "Fall of 2001"
2. Two African dwarf frogs.
3. Thinks it was Target.
4. "Novice."
5. "Because I thought they looked cute and I had had frogs growing up...."
6. Still alive in a tank.
7. "We recently upgraded the tank to a 10 gallon to give them more space and stuff to play with. They had been alive for over a year and we thought they deserved a new home."
8. "Yes."
9. "I was very satisfied." (Note from Robyn: And yet you "thought they deserved a new home." By that, I think you meant a better one! I'm so glad they have more room and will be much happier.)

Reply #53 from Rodney on 6/27/03:
1. "Around 2/00."
2. "They were small fish with a bluish color and fire tails with a horizontal stripe." (From Robyn: Sounds like zebra danios.)
3. "Meijer."
4. "Novice."
5. "Inexpensive and did not take up a lot of room."
6. "I had one die after about a year. I had them about a year and a half later and gave them to a neighbor who is no longer living here. The rest were still living" (at that time).
7. "I have not had a lot of luck with keeping fish. These I did...."
8. "Yes I think I would buy another aquababy but I would only buy the ones with the smallest fish. And if they were out growing the tank I would get something bigger."
9. "I would say satisfied...."

Reply #54 from Kay on 7/3/03:
1. "I got it as a gift almost 5 years ago."
2. "African dwarf frog."
3. "I don't know...."
4. "Novice."
5. "I got it as a gift."
6. "No, my frog is in excellent health...almost 5 years old and going strong. However, I think the main reason for its longevity is because I transferred him to a gallon-sized tank a few months after I got the frog." (Aha! says Robyn!)
7. No answer given.
8. "Maybe another frog."
9. "Generally satisfied."

Reply #55 from Krista on 7/10/03:
1. "2 years ago."
2. "The little green frog" and 2 snails.
3. "Walmart."
4. "Intermediate."
5. "Cause the frog was cute."
6. "He died after being 2 years old."
7. "Well, I think my frog lived so long because I gave him a bigger aquarium after he was a couple of months old."
8. "No, you can get them cheaper at the pet store."
9. "Willly was the greatest little frog. I didn't like the cube he came in, so I put him in a new aquarium setup. So I think he lived longer for that reason....I don't regret Willy because he was the greatest frog, but I put him in a bigger tank ASAP."

Reply #56 from Judy on 8/16/03:
1. February 2001.
2. Three zebra danios and one snail.
3. "Target"
4. "Intermediate."
5. "Decorate bathroom."
6. "1 after 6 months then last 2 after 2 yrs."
7. "No cleaned tank after it sat for months with half inch of water, bought 3 neon tetras and new plant, got 4 free snails and all is fine after 3 mos."
8. "No I'll make my own."
9. No response.

Reply #57 from Brenda on 8/25/03:
1. "Inherited my AquaBaby from work."
2. Two guppies and a snail.
3. "Co-worked purchased it from local plant/pet shop."
4. "Novice."
5. "Did not buy someone at work did."
6. "One guppy died within a year after I took it home. The second one lasted 3 years. Snail reproduced...considerably."
7. "No."
8. "Don't know...maybe."
9. "I rather enjoyed my AquaBabies. I had considered getting into fishkeeping but didn't want the fuss. This gave me an opportunity to try it out on a very small level. Even though AquaBabies are quite easy to take care for, I realized I didn't want the responsibility of a large aquarium at this time."

Robyn: So is the life of those animals worth less because of where they are? To me this is like saying I want a human child but don't have time to care for it so I'll put it in a bathroom locked up so I don't have the responsibility but can try it out.

Reply #58 from Kelly on 8/27/03:
1. "8/26/03."
2. "Well all 6 have a black strip in the middle and orange fins. They're so small. Not sure and one snail."
3. "Gift"
4. "Intermediate. I have had tanks my whole life."
5. No answer.
6. "Not yet." (Robyn: I should hope not, after one day!)
7. "I never ever put them in that small box. They're in my 5 gallon tank til I make sure they wont kill my other fish."
8. "Not sure. They have a nice idea, but the box (death trap) is too small and their feeding directions are wrong. I might just buy to save the fish."
9. "Too early to tell you. I will give you updates. As long as they are alive, satisfied."

Reply #59 from Yvonne on 10/3/03:
1. "August 2003 - bought 2, 1 for each child."
2. "Cherry barbs...."
3. "The Bay, Chinook Centre, Calgary, AB, Canada"
4. "Absolute Beginner."
5. "We discussed getting a pet all summer long....When we saw the Aquababies they seemed to fill a void. They seemed easy to care for and we thought we would have no problem finding them a babysittter."
6. "One male (Fred) died about 3 weeks after they came home. My 5 year old was devastated. The snail in that tank also died."
7. "Yes! Our surviving fish are enjoying their new 5 gal. tank...."
8. "NO!."
9. "I was dissatisfied with the purchase. I felt the fish were not in the healthiest environment. The tank was too small. The customer service on the Aquababies website was poor. Shortly after the one fish died, I cleaned my Aquababies. I started having algae problems. When I went to the 'Owner's Help' section of the Aquababies website I couldn't get into that part of their website, because I couldn't find the UPC code for myproduct!!! How fair is that to customers??? Denying them information about your produce when they need it most. It shows how much they really care about the animals they sell!! It makes it quite clear they are in it for the money! I have found some great websites that have helped me greatly with my aquarium questions. Thankfully they provide their information free for the love of what they are doing, for the benefit of all!...Fred is still missed."

Robyn: I'm sure if you had gotten into their "help," Yvonne, it wouldn't have been accurate anyway!

Reply #60 from Lisa on 12/6/03:
1. "About four years ago (late 1999 or early 2000)."
2. "I had a single male Betta fish (blue) and a snail."
3. "Target."
4. "Definitely a novice."
5. "At the time I was either pregnant or had just had a baby (can't remember which), and I thought that a fish would be fun for the baby to watch. Also, I was looking for a pet that woudl not require a significant amount of work to maintain."
6. "The original snail that came with the tank lasted about 2 years. Then we went while with no snail. Then I purchased a second snail at a local aquarium that lasted about another 6 months. We have again been without a snail for the last year. Our fish has lasted the whole 4 years (which I have researched and fond is much longer than their usual life expectancies). As he just passed away yesterday, we have now purchased a replacement Betta for the tank."
7. "No, as my fish has thrived quite well for 4 years...."
8. "Absolutely, although I am still using the original tank, so I don't see the need to purchase another...."
9. "Definitely satisfied. However, I would like to add a caveat, and that is that if you do buy one, you have to maintain the tank exactly as instructed. I believe that the reason my fish lasted so long is that I made sure not to overfeed the fish..., clean the tank when you see algae growing on it with a clean paper towel, and only use spring water at room temperature for cleaning AND for the tank itself. I have also found that if helps tremendously if you avoid putting the tank near any direct sunlight and keep it in a location that has a relatively constant temperature. Bottom line - these are not 'maintenance-free' but are relatively low maintenace as long as you care for them properly."

Note from Robyn: See my main aquababy page for why I feel the "exact directions" that come with them are not appropriate. Lisa was very lucky her betta did so well. Bettas can use atmospheric oxygen to some extent so he probably did better than a non- labyrinth fish would have. Also, the algae in the tank in small amounts is GOOD as it provides food for the betta. Too clean a tank in that regard is not necessarily good. Not overfeeding, using spring water (if you don't mind the cost and can't bother to treat your tap water), and keeping the tank out of sunlight (to avoid excess algae and overheating the box) are all good tips though.

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